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Understanding Your Laboratory Filtration Equipment Purchase

Air Science® products are designed to meet the needs of numerous applications. Depending on your needs, our products can protect you, the laboratory environment, and/or your work from harmful vapors or particulates generated on the work surface. Our products feature high quality construction and meet numerous international standards to help ensure your safety needs are met.

When choosing new or replacement laboratory equipment, it’s important to understand which protection level is right for your specific needs. Use the Product Comparison chart below to help simplify your next laboratory filtration equipment purchase.


Performance Summary

Vapor Protection

Worker & Environment


Particulate Protection


Work Zone, Worker & Environment


Worker and Environment


Work Zone


Vapor & Particulate Protection

Worker & Environment

*With optional HEPA/ULPA filtration

We carry a full line of laboratory products, including ductless fume hoods, laminar flow and biosafety cabinets, air filtration products, and replacement carbon filters. Read our brief “Selecting Laboratory Filtration Products by Protection Needs” or download our Laboratory Products Guide to learn more.