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GSA Schedule

Air Science GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract GS-07F5832P

Contract Information

Air Science® holds a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract. Eligible customers can purchase directly from Air Science at special pre-negotiated prices on these Schedules.

Products on GSA Contract

Most of the major equipment and accessories listed on this website are on one of our contracts. Parts and minor accessories are not, but are offered with courtesy open market discounts to eligible customers.

Eligibility for GSA Contract Purchasing

All United States government organizations, military and civilian, are eligible. Most Federal prime contractors are eligible also. Contractors not already eligible may be able to obtain temporary authorization to use GSA Schedule contracts.

Click here for information about this arrangement and a convenient form for the agency to use to grant authority. This form or other letter on government agency letterhead can then be submitted to Air Science as proof of eligibility. Contact your Contracting Officer or Procurement Department if you have questions about your eligibility.

Obtaining a GSA Price Quote or Product Selection Assistance

  1. Submit a request via this website by clicking on Request a Quote when viewing specific product pages.
  2. Specify that you wish to have GSA pricing in the Comments box.
  3. Call Customer Service at 800-306-0656.

To research Air Science® products on your own, browse this website, visit our online library for downloadable literature or request printed brochures from our office.

Ordering and Payment Procedures

GSA orders can be placed directly with Air Science using most common ordering methods, i.e., mail, fax, email, etc. If all quoted items are on our GSA contracts, you can even order online at GSA Advantage! For more details governing GSA Schedule use, you can view the official GSA Schedule Ordering Procedures.

These regulations say the award should go to the best value product, not just the lowest priced product (see the heading Orders exceeding the micro-purchase threshold.) The criteria used to justify the Best Value are listed there. We’ll be happy to discuss how the Air Science product you are interested in meets those criteria and is the right product for your budget dollars.