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Synthetic Opioid Containment

Narcotics Containment

Narcotics include a wide range of drugs that are either naturally derived from the opium poppy plant, like morphine and heroin, or partially or entirely synthesized. These narcotics are man-made without the need for cultivation and harvesting of plants. This leads to faster, and cheaper, production of the drugs.

Lowering production times and reducing overhead costs benefits the prescription drug market where narcotics are used legally to treat chronic, long-term pain. It also, however, contributes to the growing crisis as narcotics are easier to develop and can yield a larger profit.

As dependence increases across the globe and illegal distribution of narcotics continues to grow, more people are at risk of fatal overdose. First responders, law enforcement officers, and medical professionals all face risks of accidental exposure to particulates. To increase personnel safety, those at risk of accidental exposure should take extra precautions to improve existing safety procedures by using ductless containment enclosures.

Containment in Mail Handling

Containment Safety Packages

Narcotics are often shipped to the US, Canada, and Europe from laboratories in China where production is uncontrolled. Purchased online, narcotics are then shipped via the US Postal Service. This puts mail handlers at risk of exposure to particulates and powders found in suspicious or damaged packages and envelopes.

Learn how to increase personnel safety when screening suspicious packages.

Containment Products

Purair® SafeSEARCH

The Purair SafeSEARCH ductless containment enclosure from Air Science is specifically designed to protect technicians, public service workers, and other high-risk employees from particulates and unknown powders.

Purair RX Ductless Balance Enclosures

Designed to protect users and the environment from hazardous powders and particulates, the Purair RX Balance Hood is a Class I enclosure that meets USP 800 requirements for non-sterile compounding procedures.

Drugkeeper Storage Cabinets

Air Science Drugkeeper storage cabinets can be used for short-term storage of hazardous chemicals and substances typically associated with drug investigations.

Custom Solutions

As the drug crisis continues to grow and new narcotics are introduced your evidence collection and drug identification and analysis needs change. In addition to our standard laboratory equipment and filtration product lines, we provide custom engineering to meet your specific application needs. Contact us to learn more