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Ductless Fume Hoods Under Fire

Test Results Prove Safety of Purair Advanced

Independent third-party testing indicates that Air Science Purair Advanced ductless fume hoods not only provide a high level of operator protection in the event of a fire but with certain precautions also offer fire suppression capabilities to minimize damage. In this white paper, Air Science has compiled results from the independent testing facility and offered a thorough explanation of the fume hood’s key structural units that contributed to the testing outcome.

Ductless Fume Hood Fire Test

Managing a Work Surface Fire in a Ductless Fume Hood

Learn more about the ways to properly manage a work surface fire in a ductless fume hood by watching our video below and also see the results of our recently performed fire testing on select Purair® Advanced series ductless fume hoods, assessing for both fire containment as well as suppression.

Download our whitepaper entitled “Fume Hood Fire Testing: Benefits of Metal Substructure” and gain the following insights:

  • Description of results from third party testing
  • Pictures and video of the testing being performed and unit condition after testing
  • Explanation of the features that contribute to a safe fume hood unit
  • Suggestions for proper unit design for those that must operate under increased fire hazards