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To ensure safe operation and properly maintain your ductless fume hood you must replace the filters on a regular basis and check your chemical handling and compliance with the requirements of current safety standards routinely.
Filtco Filters specializes in replacement carbon filters, high-performance HEPA/ULPA filters and maintenance supplies and services for Air Science® and all major ductless hood brands and models. All orders placed through Filtco Filters will be invoiced by Air Science. For a complete online directory and online ordering source, click here.
Warning: Failure to check chemical handling and failure to replace filters on a regular basis could result in harmful vapors being recirculated into the air. 

Consumable Reordering

Air Science offers easy online ordering for your ductless fume hood consumables through our Ecommerce sites, and

Click below to order replacement filters, including replacement carbon filters and HEPA/ULPA filters, and ductless fume hood accessories. Please note Air Science USA LLC processes all orders from our Ecommerce sites.