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Mail Handling

Ductless Fume Hood for Mail Screening

Air Science offers mail handling fume hoods to improve the safe handling and screening of envelopes and packages. Despite shipping regulations, prescription drugs and other narcotic substances that are harmful when ingested, inhaled or absorbed are often sent, both legally and illegally, via mail. In addition to potential attacks through the shipment of anthrax and explosives, the shipment of drugs and pharmaceuticals puts mail handlers at risk when packaging is compromised.

A life-threatening overdose from certain highly potent drugs can happen with just one touch or the simple act of inhalation near a compromised envelope or package. While wearing latex gloves during the sorting and handling of mail can help lower risks to workers, the greatest threat comes from breathing in airborne particles.

As potentially harmful particulates are often too small to see, workers can be exposed without realizing it. To reduce the risk of exposure to airborne particulates and improve mail handling and mail screening safety, the proper containment hood is essential. These workstations allow for safe laboratory handling of unidentified and potentially hazardous powders and reduce the risk of exposure. 

Purair® SafeSEARCH

The Purair SafeSEARCH is a negative pressure containment system or ductless fume hood. Negative pressure flow pulls particulates away from the handler while drawing air into the work surface and through the Multiplex™ filter. The Multiplex combines a broad spectrum, general-purpose carbon filter with a HEPA/ULPA filter to capture drugs, chemical vapors and other particulates with greater than 99.999% efficiency.

The Purair SafeSEARCH provides ideal protection against exposure to potentially harmful drugs, other particulates and fumes that compromise personnel safety. The specially designed ductless fume hood improves workplace safety by providing proper containment during the sorting and handling of potentially contaminated envelopes and packages.

Benefits of Purair SafeSEARCH Workstation

Sustainable and Cost Efficient

  • Reduces the risk of releasing chemical vapors and harmful particulates (like narcotics, prescription drugs, anthrax, etc.) into the environment
  • Ductless technology is energy efficient – does not put additional strain on existing facility HVAC systems, eliminates HVAC construction and saves on utility costs


  • Protects users from exposure to hazardous drugs, chemical fumes and particulates
  • Designed to eliminate by-pass leakage
  • Electronic monitoring ensures continued performance and safety
  • HEPA/ULPA filters provide an additional safety layer against biologicals

Flexible and Easy to Use

  • Easily installed in existing or new facilities without HVAC changes
  • Set-up, operation and filter changes are fast and straightforward
  • Standard sized turnkey models are self-contained, selected models are portable
  • Customization is available for unique application requirements, portable units, walk-in or roll-in units for large scale needs and more

Custom Mail Processing Containment Hoods and Chambers

Air Science builds custom enclosures for your specific needs. Each unit is designed to maximize operator safety and accessibility. It is tested and certified to factory specifications and industry standards. We can easily adapt existing models to fit your unique application needs or design and construct a mail handling chamber for larger applications, including those using roll-in carts or requiring walk-in access.

SafeSEARCH Ductless Fume Hood