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Protect You, Your Work, and the Environment

Air Science specializes in a variety of laboratory products, including ductless fume hoodslaminar flow and biosafety cabinets, air filtration products, and replacement carbon filters. Our products, manufactured in the USA under exacting quality and performance standards, are designed to protect you, your work, and the environment from a variety of potential hazards, including dusts, particulates, fumes, mists, vapors or gases.

Guarding against fumes and/or particulates and other contaminants is a crucial measure to help ensure the accuracy of your work across a variety of scientific research disciplines. The continued integrity of evidence is also dependent on the proper handling, drying and storage of biological materials.

The continued safety of personnel, research, evidence and other products and materials is further managed by the following:

  • Routine evaluation of chemical handlings to ensure the correct filters are being used
  • Regular equipment maintenance, including routine filter changes
  • Safety and equipment training
  • Proper protective clothing or equipment
  • Compliance with current safety standards and other laboratory and safety protocols

Your safety, the continued integrity of evidence and the validity of research results all depend on proper containment equipment and safety procedures.

Dangerous Drug Containment

Ductless fume containment hoods should be used in forensic and crime labs during the testing of unknown powders to protect technicians against possible exposure to hazardous substances.

Other personnel who benefit from the use of containment hoods include first responders during the collection of suspicious powders, mail handlers, and employees of Forensic Crime Labs or the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s National Forensic Laboratory.

Fire Safety

Many laboratories use flammable chemicals that can cause small, bench-top fires if proper safety procedures are not followed. Learn more about the fire safety capabilities of Air Science ductless fume hoods by visiting our Fume Hood Fire Safety page.

Chemical Storage

Proper storage of laboratory chemicals is crucial for worker safety. It also helps safeguard your laboratory results. Explore our Guidelines for Chemical Storage to learn more about ensuring the safety of your laboratory environment.


USP Compliance

Maintaining compliance is another way to protect yourself, your personnel, and your work in the laboratory setting.

Air Science produces products in accordance with USP 797 Compliance for sterile pharmaceutical compounding as well as USP 800 Compliance for hazardous drug compounding.

Learn more about how Air Science products maintain compliance by exploring our white papers.

Additional Safety Resources

For additional safety information, view our Application Notes, or White Papers.


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