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The New Air Science Website Is Here

New look – same great products from the brand you’ve come to know and trust. The Air Science® website has a fresh new look. After months of preparation, our brand-new website has officially launched. Though the past Air Science website has seen refreshes since its launch, the new site marks its first complete update since

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Improve Laboratory Air Quality for Increased Safety

High air quality standards are essential for any laboratory, especially where volatile chemicals are handled. Whether you work in an existing laboratory or are planning a new laboratory or renovation, it’s never too late to add the Purair® SKY ceiling-mounted filtration units. Using advanced carbon filtration technology and the innovative Air Science® Multiplex™ Filtration System,

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Improved Safety While Using a Rotary Evaporator

During the rotary evaporation process, protecting the operator and environment is essential. A rotary evaporator, or rotovap, uses reduced pressure and an elevated temperature to reduce the volume of volatile solvents. While they’re designed to collect the evaporated solvents, there is still a risk that the containment is not 100%. When these vapors are present

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High Quality Carbon Filters Deliver Maximum Safety and Performance

When it comes to safe ductless fume hood operation, the selection of high quality, tested components, including carbon filters, is vital. Since carbon filters protect personnel from contaminated, toxic air by trapping the molecules of specific chemical types choosing carbon filters that are designed to capture these harmful elements yields the greatest level of operator

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Introducing the DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Downflow Workstation

Personnel and environmental protection are critical to the animal research laboratory. The Air Science® ductless DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Workstation provides superior operator protection while permitting unrestricted operator access and viewing to the work zone. In addition, user-friendly features and innovative Multiplex™ Filtration Technology create a safe work environment over a wide range of

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Automated Optical Inspection Enclosure

When performing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to test for defects in printed circuit board assemblies, maintaining a contaminant free environment is critical to the quality control, speed, and ultimately the success of the process. The Air Science® Automated Optical Inspection Enclosure, an LF Series laminar flow cabinet designed to protect the contents and the work

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