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Enhanced Filtration Technology

The mechanical design enhances safety, convenience and overall value.

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Enhanced Filtration Technology™ (EFT), first introduced in 2010, is an innovation in ductless fume hood applications associated with activated carbon filtration and combinations with HEPA/ULPA filters. Pioneered by Air Science, the technology extends beyond activated carbon filtration for the adsorption of single chemical families. Using EFT, carbon is specially prepared to handle multiple chemical families in one filter, and even biological particulates when HEPA/ULPA filters are used.
The proprietary technology enables Air Science to engineer filter combinations to meet unique applications. In order to create filters via EFT, different carbon types can be combined to handle various chemical families used in specific applications.
Activated carbon is produced from a wide variety of carbon-rich raw materials, including wood, coal, peat, coconut shells, nutshells, bones and fruit stones. There are hundreds of different types of activated carbon compounds in the world, each made for specific applications, with ongoing research into new sources of materials for activated carbon.
Because thicker filters, such as 100 mm thick ASTM type, provide greater flexibility in designing the filter than the ASTS type filters (40mm thick), EFT works best in Purair® Advanced and Purair ECO ductless fume hoods. EFT can, however, be retrofitted on many Air Science ductless fume hoods already in service worldwide.
When used in conjunction with the Multiplex™ Filtration System, this activated carbon can then be configured in numerous ways depending on application need. It can be constructed in a single, blended or layered configuration or combined with one or more carbon filters (stacked) and with or without additional HEPA or ULPA filtration for added protection against particulates or biologicals.

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Multiplex Filtration

The Air Science® Multiplex Filtration System consists of a pre-filter, main filter and optional safety filter to create a combination of chemical and physical architecture customized to each application.