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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions and links to additional helpful information. 
Product Features
Where is the speed controller location?
Do units come with a filter included?
How to access the lightbulb on the Basic, RX, FLOW, and PCR units?
What is the power consumption of the different units?
Does a fume hood run off a standard outlet?
Product Comparisons
Biological safety cabinet vs. laminar flow hood?
Dead air box vs laminar flow?
Which is better - Horizontal or Vertical Laminar Flow?
What are the differences between the Basic Ductless Fume Hood and the RX Ductless Fume Hood Series?
What are the differences between the Basic Ductless Fume Hood and Advanced Ductless Fume Hood Series?
How To's
How to select the right CA fuming chamber
How to use a laminar flow hood
How does a fume hood work?
How to dispose of carbon filters
How to clean a laminar flow hood?
Can I install this unit myself?
When and how to change the filter?
How to calibrate low airflow?
Sales & Certifications
What are the laminar flow hood certification requirements?
Do you sell direct or do I need to go through a distributor?


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