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When Routine Package Searches Turn Risky

mail safety handling

What may initially seem like a routine search of mail, clothing or confiscated items can become highly dangerous when chemical vapors, drug particulates or biological threats such as anthrax spores are present.

Mailroom workers, forensic technicians, law enforcement agencies and government offices are just a few of the areas that should use proper equipment to protect workers against possible exposure to harmful toxins encountered during searches.

Purair® SafeSEARCH ductless fume hoods use advanced carbon filtration technology to provide an additional layer of protection for personnel. Since all work is completed on the work surface, personnel are protected from unknown and potentially harmful chemical vapors and powders through the hood’s carbon and/or HEPA filtration.

The Purair SafeSEARCH provides a safe, high performance alternative to conventional ducted fume hoods for preliminary package inspection. The ductless technology enables easy installation without costly additional ductwork requirements for the facility.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly ductless technology uses advanced carbon filtration to isolate and trap chemical vapors, preventing release into the environment and resulting ecological impact.
  • The self-contained fume hood is easy to install and, with the optional mobile cart, portable for easy relocation.
  • The recirculating, ductless design reduces overhead costs compared to ducted fume hoods as HVAC capacity is not needed to recondition air.
  • Cabinet airflow and face velocity protect users from incidental exposures to fumes.