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Reverse Laminar Flow Cabinets

09.22.21 A laminar flow hood provides an aseptic, sterile and particulate-free environment that protects items on the w

09.15.21 The word laminar means ‘to take place along constant streamlines, or of a flow, without turbulence.’ Simply put, laminar flow hoods provide air streams that travel in the same direction and speed. This eliminates any airflow swirls that may cause unexpected and uncontrolled results. Laminar flow hoods use this constant, non-turbulent airflow to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates. As the name suggests, Reverse Laminar Flow cabinets instead safeguard the operator and the laboratory environment from particles, aerosols, powders and allergens. Reverse Laminar Flow hoods do not protect the work surface or the product on the work surface. 

About Purair® Reverse Laminar Flow Cabinets

The Air Science Purair Reverse Laminar Flow hood comes in horizontal and vertical flow configurations and uses ULPA filters (99.999% efficient at particle sizes between 0.1 to 0.3 µm). The large volume of horizontal inward (negative) airflow in the cabinet provides protection equivalent to Class I biological safety cabinetsfume hoods or related containment devices with greater access to the work zone. Our Reverse Laminar Flow Hood products rely on Air Science Multiplex™ ULPA Filtration Technology for high performance protection. Learn more about Air Science Reverse Laminar Flow Cabinets.