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Understanding Your Laboratory Filtration Equipment Purchase


Air Science® products are designed to meet the needs of numerous applications. Depending on your needs, our products can protect…

Selecting Laboratory Filtration Products by Protection Needs


Air Science® designs products that keep you safe, protect your work and ensure accuracy across various scientific disciplines. Our products…

Prescription Analgesic Myths vs. Facts


Equivalent to just three grains of salt, three milligrams of prescription analgesics can be lethal. The potency of highly potent…

Purair FLEX and the International Space Station


The Air Science® Purair® FLEX Portable Isolator is back aboard the International Space Station (ISS), where astronauts are using it…

Protect Your Perfect Yeast Strain With Air Science Products


Pure yeast strains allow breweries and wineries to produce a commercial product that is easily recognizable for its unique, branded…

HEPA vs. ULPA Filtration


Your air filtration system is designed to protect you, the environment, and/or the work surface from contamination. Air filters exist…