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Protect Your Perfect Yeast Strain With Air Science Products

Pure yeast strains allow breweries and wineries to produce a commercial product that is easily recognizable for its unique, branded flavor profile from one batch to another. However, to keep these trains pure, brewers have to protect their yeast strains from contamination that can impact the final product’s flavor. In the production process, yeast propagations are scaled up to enable the production of larger batches of wine or beer. This is done by culturing samples of a master yeast strain in a laminar flow hood, which uses HEPA or ULPA filtration with controlled airflow to purge and prevent airborne particulate accumulation in the work zone, maintaining a sterile environment for yeast culturing. This ensures the known and desired characteristics of the master yeast strain are consistently replicated. 

Air Science® Laminar Flow Hoods

 Air Science laminar flow hoods protect valuable yeast culture strains by preventing unfiltered air from reaching and contaminating cultures. Ensuring protection from particulate and microbial contamination provides more control over the fermentation process. Learn Protecting Yeast Propagations and Improving Consistency in our brief or view our full range of laminar flow hoods.