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Introducing the Enhanced DWS Downflow Workstation


Air Science® DWS Downflow Workstations now have several design enhancements to improve operation while still offering the high quality protection…

Highly Potent Prescription Analgesics: Understanding Fact vs. Fiction


Equivalent to just three grains of salt, three milligrams of certain highly potent prescription pain killers can be lethal. For…

Customizing Ductless Products to Meet Customer Needs


Air Science® offers a wide selection of ductless laboratory products that satisfy the needs of numerous industries and applications. Our…

Ensuring Operational and Environmental Protection Through Recycling


Air Science® strives to maintain superior quality in our products and manufacturing processes. From product development to the units themselves,…

Demonstrating Sustainable Manufacturing Through ISO 14001 Certification


Environmental regulations and sustainability practices help protect humans as well as the environment. When manufacturers and other organizations big and…

Uniform Airflow in Powder Weighing Applications


Manually weighing or otherwise manipulating active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) can put technicians at…

Carbon and HEPA Filter Replacement and Disposal: Safety First


Proper maintenance of ductless fume hoods starts with a solid filter replacement schedule. Over time, filters become saturated with the chemicals they’re…

Understanding Your Laboratory Filtration Equipment Purchase


Air Science® products are designed to meet the needs of numerous applications. Depending on your needs, our products can protect…

Selecting Laboratory Filtration Products by Protection Needs


Air Science® designs products that keep you safe, protect your work and ensure accuracy across various scientific disciplines. Our products…

Prescription Analgesic Myths vs. Facts


Equivalent to just three grains of salt, three milligrams of prescription analgesics can be lethal. The potency of highly potent…