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Customizing Ductless Products to Meet Customer Needs

Air Science® offers a wide selection of ductless laboratory products that satisfy the needs of numerous industries and applications. Our products are used for standard procedures in life science, forensics, pharmaceutical, research and various unique applications. While our standard product offerings provide a diverse range of sizes, construction materials and filtration options, there are still times when customer challenges necessitate customization.

Our culture of product innovation and a robust manufacturing facility in the U.S.A. enables us to meet the needs of customers with unique challenges. From simple adaptations to our standard products to designing, prototyping and manufacturing completely customized enclosures, Air Science rises to the challenge. Our experience with minor customizations includes custom filtration, custom airflow pattern and custom sizing.

For truly custom enclosures, our consultative services meet you wherever you are in the process. We can lead you through the next steps, whether you have a problem and do not know where to start or already have a solution in mind, a rough sketch or an engineering drawing. Our extensive portfolio of custom ductless filtration systems demonstrates our ability to design custom solutions to meet your specific application, documentation and regulatory or standards and compliance requirements while managing project costs and providing accurate and efficient estimates.

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