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Purair® FLEX Portable Isolator Aboard the International Space Station


Courtesy of NASA/Popular Mechanics The first cement solidification tests performed in a microgravity environment recently took place on the International…

Fume Hood or Biological Safety Cabinet – Which is the Best Choice for You and Your Lab?


While a biological safety cabinet (biosafety cabinet or BSC) is sometimes referred to as a ductless fume hood, the BSC does not…

Fume Box™ Ductless Enclosure: No Installation Costs, Versatile Protection


Air Science® Fume Box ductless enclosures are an effective solution to your air filtration needs.  Designed to protect the user…

Lab Safety Rules for Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Safety


In the United States alone, there are more than 500,000 workers who are employed in laboratories. Every day, laboratory workers…