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The New Air Science Website Is Here


New look - same great products from the brand you've come to know and trust. The Air Science® website has…

Improve Laboratory Air Quality for Increased Safety


High air quality standards are essential for any laboratory, especially where volatile chemicals are handled. Whether you work in an…

Improved Safety While Using a Rotary Evaporator


During the rotary evaporation process, protecting the operator and environment is essential. A rotary evaporator, or rotovap, uses reduced pressure…

High Quality Carbon Filters Deliver Maximum Safety and Performance


When it comes to safe ductless fume hood operation, the selection of high quality, tested components, including carbon filters, is…

Introducing the DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Downflow Workstation


Personnel and environmental protection are critical to the animal research laboratory. The Air Science® ductless DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia…

Automated Optical Inspection Enclosure


When performing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to test for defects in printed circuit board assemblies, maintaining a contaminant free environment…

Ductless Robotic Enclosures


Robotic enclosures are used to maintain a high level of facility throughput while minimizing contamination, providing a clean and safe…

Electronics Repair Ductless Enclosures


Air Science® offers a selection of ductless products suitable for various electronics procedures that require a sterile, particulate-free environment. Sophisticated…

Introducing the Enhanced DWS Downflow Workstation


Air Science® DWS Downflow Workstations now have several design enhancements to improve operation while still offering the high quality protection…

Customizing Ductless Products to Meet Customer Needs


Air Science® offers a wide selection of ductless laboratory products that satisfy the needs of numerous industries and applications. Our…