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Commonly Asked Questions – Purair® RX Balance Hood


Containment primary engineering controls (C-PECs) used during hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical handling include fume hoods, biological safety cabinets (BSCs), and…

What Makes the Purair ECO Stand Out?


Across the board, ductless fume hoods are more eco-friendly than ducted fume hoods because of their high energy efficiency and…

Benefits of Going Ductless


Our high efficiency ductless fume hoods, ductless workstations and enclosures are designed to protect the user and the environment from…

Air Science® Technologies UK SafeContractor Accreditation Renewed


Following an independent audit, Air Science Technologies Ltd.'s SafeContractor Accreditation has been renewed by Alcumus SafeContractor. The UK organization ensures accredited manufacturers…

3D Printer Emissions Endanger COVID Volunteers


With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing worldwide, hometown heroes still regularly feature in the news. Many schools and individuals have jumped…

Find Forensic Evidence Products – Quickly and Easily


The Air Science suite of forensic evidence processing systems was developed specifically for law enforcement and criminal investigation facilities worldwide.…

Air Filtration Products for Applications in Research, Industry, Agriculture and Other Markets


Air Science has a suite of products designed to control and deliver filtered air for a variety of applications. This…