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What Makes the Purair ECO Stand Out?

What makes the Purair ECO stand out?

Across the board, ductless fume hoods are more eco-friendly than ducted fume hoods because of their high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

Ductless technology reduces the expense of HVAC reconditioning as filtered air is safely recirculated into the laboratory. Facilities with multiple fume hoods see substantial energy consumption savings from the use of ductless fume hoods when compared to ducted fume hoods.

In the Purair ECO, the single EC blower motor assures an even lower cost of ownership. The larger internal dimensions make the unit ideal for clients with higher-volume applications.

Purair ECO and Purair Advanced Differences

Key differences between the Purair ECO and the Purair Advanced are primarily found in the construction of each unit.

 Purair ECO Purair Advanced
Metal back with tempered glass side walls or all polypropylene Tempered glass sashMetal or polypropylene construction Hinged front sash

Purair ECO ductless fume hoods are available in three standard sizes. For details visit /purair-eco-ductless-fume-hoods.