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Protect Biological and DNA Evidence with Safeswab


Air Science has introduced a selection of drying cabinets developed for safe and secure drying of evidence associated with sexual…

Air Science Technologies, Ltd. Introduces Filter Disposal Service in UK


Air Science Technologies Ltd. has introduced a new service for the safe disposal of used activated carbon filters. Through the…

Air Science Products Maintain Compliance and Guard Against Contamination


In a recent whitepaper, Air Science Owner, Andre Chambre discussed the importance of laminar flow cabinet design to pharmaceutical compounding…

Capture Latent Prints More Easily


The outcomes of criminal cases are often determined by the quality of forensic evidence gathered at the crime scene. Latent…

Maintain USP 800 Compliance with Purair RX


Facility managers looking to expand their laboratory's compounding capabilities without incurring extra infrastructure expense need look no further than the…

Breathe Easy with a New Filter


Proper equipment maintenance starts with a solid filter replacement schedule. Failing to change filters in a timely fashion leads to…

Bettering the Science of Brewing


Air Science® laminar flow hoods, ductless fume hoods, and custom enclosures are the perfect tool for craft brewers of any…

Going Green Is Easy with The Purair ECO


Celebrate Earth Day with the Purair® ECO. Designed to offer the best of ductless technology with the highest level of…

Air Science Laminar Flow Hoods Provide Sample Protection


Combining the benefits of ductless and ducted fume hoods, Air Science® Laminar Flow Hoods use HEPA or ULPA filtration to…

Air Science Launches the Purair NANO


Air Science introduces a new line of ductless nanoparticle enclosures marketed as the Purair® NANO series.The NANO is manufactured with…