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Air Filtration Products for Applications in Research, Industry, Agriculture and Other Markets

Air Filtration Products for Applications

Air Science has a suite of products designed to control and deliver filtered air for a variety of applications. This product selection was created, developed and improved over two generations. Our enclosures carry all the benefits that have derived from ductless technology, including easy installation, portability and reduced installation and operating costs.

Our products typically support common applications found in the life science, forensics and pharmaceutical industries. There are, however, numerous applications in clinical medicine, research, industry, agriculture and other areas that greatly benefit from our product lineup.

Ductless Fume Hoods

Ductless fume hoods represent our largest product line up. Units are suitable for applications that require user and environmental protection from hazardous vapors and fumes. When combined with optional HEPA filtration, our ductless fume hoods can also provide particulate protection.

Food and Beverage

  • Craft Brewers – both the home brewer and small to large-scale breweries

Industry & Makers

  • 3D printer fume capturing
  • Soldering or metal fabrication
  • Airbrushing / miniature painting and assembly
  • Circuit board assembly


  • Botanical and cannabis production
  • Plant science
  • Crop genetics

Laminar Flow Hoods

If your primary goal is to protect your work from particulate contamination then a laminar flow hood from our second largest product lineup might be right for you.

Though both options prevent dead zones that cause particle buildup and contamination from unpredictable particulate movement in the work zone, whether you need a Vertical Laminar Flow (VLF) cabinet or a Horizontal Laminar Flow (HLF) cabinet will depend on your unique application.


  • Plant tissue culture / mycology


  • Basic bacteriology and microbiology, plating, basic cell culture
  • During agar plate pouring in university classrooms

Vented Enclosures

Our Vent-Box™ minimizes health and environmental risks of chemical vapors and VOCs typically found in chemical safety cabinets while our Vented Enclosures™ help contain particulates during nonsterile applications.


  • Modular use on various existing chemical storage cabinets


  • Compounding and powder weighing


  • Robotics and robotic enclosures

Biological Safety Cabinet

Air Science offers one Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) in four standard sizes. Class II, Type A2 BSCs protect the product, personnel, and environment from exposure to biohazardous materials and cross-contamination. They are typically used in microbiological and biomedical laboratories to contain potentially hazardous pathogens, contaminants and protect cell culture research.


  • Formulation of nonvolatile cancer medications, including antineoplastic and chemotherapeutic drugs

Food and Beverage

  • Quality Control (QC)

Custom Enclosures

In addition to our standard offerings, we can amend our products to fit the needs of your unique application.