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Unique Uses for Ductless Enclosures

Air Science products are most often used in life science, forensic, and pharma applications but they can do so much more. We love hearing how you use Air Science products for your unique applications. See examples of creative uses for our ductless fume hoods, ductless workstations, filtration products, and custom enclosures below.

Inspire others by telling us how you use Air Science products for your unique applications in any industry.


Example Applications:


Laminar Flow Cabinets protect equipment from particulates and other non-hazardous contaminants and can be used for hard drive data recovery.



Slip and fall reduction is critical for the world’s largest theatrical producer. Performers with Cirque du Soleil use heavy duty polishes to clean their shoes before every performance. To protect performers from the fumes generated by polishes, and various stage paints, they rely on an Air Science ductless fume hood.

Food & Beverage


Beer brewing is a science that demands high-quality ingredients for the best taste. Brewing companies use a variety of fume hoods to prevent contamination of their unique yeast cultures.



Harley-DavidsonTesla. Faurecia. Car Batteries. Automotive manufacturers and repair shops use Air Science fume hoods to draw chemical vapors and fumes from sprayed paints and inks away from the user. Automotive equipment manufacturers can use our containment equipment when removing scrap foam from metal surfaces using ethyl alcohol. Our enclosures protect personnel from solvent or welding fume extraction during this process. The clear back and sides of our fume hoods allow for optimum visibility during a variety of applications, including paint touch-ups. Fume hoods are also used in the automotive industry to protect against acid vapors while opening, refilling or recharging batteries.



Orchid Growing. Laminar flow, biological safety cabinets, and other Air Science fume hoods are used to protect plant tissue cultures from contamination and enable effective crossbreeding and germination.

Animal Research


Rats, Rabbits and more. Air Science products protect users from harmful gases like isoflurane, commonly used to anesthetize research animals. Downflow Workstations are ideal for use during blood draws as units allow for unrestricted front and side access while still protecting against fumes and vapors.

Mosquitos. Air Science fume hoods are used during development of insecticide alternatives intended to prevent the spread of diseases and viruses, like malaria and zika. Operators use fume hoods to protect against chemicals used to anesthetize mosquitos or other biologicals used to study population control methods.

Insect olfaction. Air Science fume hoods have been used in insect olfaction R&D to better understand chemical receptor functions and explore possible technologies that can harness insect abilities to detect chemicals and narcotics. Such technologies could greatly reduce costs associated with training and caring for similar K-9 units.

Crime Labs


Digital Forensics. Digital devices collected as evidence can pose potential health risks to investigators from biological contamination like blood splatter or chemical contamination as a result of intentional damage by suspects. Fume hoods protect against potential hazards encountered during inspection or repair of devices.



Gourment Mushroom Farm. Fresh from the Farm Fungi utilizes their Air Science® Purair® Laminar Flow Hood to bring the freshest, most exceptional gourmet mushrooms to the markets in Denver, Colorado.

"I have used many flow hoods throughout my career and Air Science is the top brand to work with."
- Gary Heferle, co-owner of Fresh from the Farm Fungi


Product Testing


Consumer goods are often covered by national and sometimes international product safety regulations. Air Science fume hoods can be used for contained testing of products. Candle performance and safety testing is completed for manufacturers and retailers to establish candle fire safety as well as the safety of materials found in the candle wax, wick, holders, and other materials. Our enclosures not only protect against potentially harmful fumes emitted during burn tests, they have also been shown through third-party testing to provide fire suppression capabilities.



Make your Air Science ductless enclosure as unique as your application. Get a Quote on the customized enclosure you need.


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