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Uniform Airflow in Powder Weighing Applications

powder workstations

Manually weighing or otherwise manipulating active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) can put technicians at high risk for adverse effects if particles become airborne. When working with APIs and other particulates during powder weighing applications, it is essential to have an enclosure that provides uniform airflow to prevent contamination and protect workers. Air Science® offers a variety of containment enclosures that protect technicians from potentially harmful pharmaceutical particulates.

Balance Enclosures and Vented Enclosures for Particulate Containment

Air Science balance enclosures are designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous powders and particulates that are generated on the work surface. They provide turbulent-free airflow that keeps powders, particulates and fumes contained during compounding and powder weighing applications. Our vented enclosures are designed with uniform airflow and advanced filtration technology that makes them suitable for numerous applications that require the capture of particulates and even vapors. Ductless technology also makes the installation of dedicated workstations easy, as no additional HVAC design is required.

Purair® RX Ductless Balance Enclosures

Purair RX Balance Hood is a Class I enclosure that meets USP 795 requirements for non-sterile compounding procedures. At the heart of the Purair product line is innovative ductless technology that creates a safe work environment during a wide variety of applications.

Vented Enclosures™ for Compounding and Powder Weighing

Vented Enclosures provide effective containment of airborne particulates during manipulation and transfer of potent compounds. Our turbulent-free design utilizes environmentally friendly, ductless technology combined with carbon / HEPA filtration to provide precise, safe containment in all applications.


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