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Introducing the Enhanced DWS Downflow Workstation

Air Science® DWS Downflow Workstations now have several design enhancements to improve operation while still offering the high quality protection envelope our customers expect. The new DWS Downflow Workstations offers a redesigned interior featuring interior height that has been increased from 15.75" (400mm) to 18.17" (462mm), an energy-efficient fan, LED lighting and a rear storage shelf that is now standard. The DWS delivers negative airflow to the work surface to capture and direct vapors to a carbon filter for operator and environmental safety.

DWS Downflow Workstations maintain a constant face velocity of 80 fpm at the work surface in compliance with USA and international standards for safety and performance. Contaminated air is pulled through the Multiplex filtration system, where activated carbon adsorbs chemical vapors and/or particulates if HEPA/ULPA filters are used. Clean air is returned to the room.

The DWS can be equipped with a single activated carbon main filter that is either single layer or mixed, such as a carbon/HEPA filter. For safety against particulates, an optional HEPA or ULPA can also be added.

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