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From Crime Scene to Crime Lab: Our Selection Ensures Accurate, Repeatable Results

Air Science is advancing forensic science and evidence processing by creating forensic laboratory equipment that is designed to produce precise, accurate results. The suite of forensic evidence processing systems Air Science creates is specifically developed for and used by law enforcement and criminal investigation facilities worldwide.
Forensic Lab Equipment
Protecting the integrity of the forensics process from the crime scene to the crime lab is critical. Each point of contact throughout the chain of custody adds another opportunity for contamination. Equipment and tools that provide control and sterility is imperative for accurate results.
Chain of Custody
Evidence that enters the chain of custody moves through three different stages before its purpose has been achieved:
Crime scene (collection and transportation):
  1. Site examination
  2. Evidence gathering
  3. Evidence transport
Crime lab (processing, examining and storing):
  1. Evidence log-in and processing
  2. Evidence examination
  3. Evidence storage and chain of custody
Legal and trail considerations (completion):
  1. Long-term preservation and appeal
Tools for Evidence Protection
Air Science has developed forensic lab products, equipment and units to allow for optimal accuracy and safety through each stage of evidence processing:
Products for Evidence Collection & Transportation
The first stage, collection & transportation, often can experience the most error as field tools or equipment may not provide complete control and sterility.
Air Science offers two products, designed specifically for the protection of evidence collection and transportation:
     -   Purair® FLEX
     -   Evidence Transporter®
Products for Evidence Storage
After field collection, evidence does not always go directly to the processing bench for analysis. Oftentimes, the evidence must be stored until time allows for processing or it must be dried for proper analyzation. Storage units become essential during this stage of the chain of custody.
Air Science products offer the ability to store evidence both before and after processing:
     -  Safekeeper®
     -  Drugkeeper™
     -  Safeswab™
     -  Safestore™
Products for Evidence Processing & Completion
Even with increased measurements of care within laboratory evidence processing; many forensic labs still use inefficient methods for many reasons, including, lack of space or resources.
Air Science processing units come without the need for costly ductwork and most labs are able to choose from one of our many sizes to fit their specific space. If not, though, customized solutions are available. The following units provide processing accuracy and protection:
For fingerprint analysis and processing:
     -  Safefume™
     -  Safefume 360
     -  Safedevelop™
     -  DWS™ Powder Workstations
For other evidence processing:
     -  UV Box™
     -  Evidence-Bench™
     -  Purair® PCR
     -  Purair® BIO
     -  Purair® SafeSEARCH
     -  Purair® Advanced
The tools and equipment law enforcement agencies and criminal investigation facilities use to control the environment for handling and storing biological evidence will absolutely determine the purity of their evidence. They need to make sure that their biological evidence is handled correctly from first examination and processing to long-term storage. 
From the crime scene to the crime lab, find the highest control over all aspects of the handling and storing process with forensic lab equipment and tools by Air Science, providing the right selection for forensic science and evidence processing
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