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How Air Science® Modifies Standard Products for Custom Applications

Regardless of whether we are modifying a standard product or building a custom enclosure from the drawing board, our manufacturing facility does it all. From initial design to prototyping, manufacturing and testing, it is likely that we have experience in managing product changes that make sense for you.

Air Science is highly experienced in manufacturing standard products as well as making modifications to these products for custom applications. When standard, off-the-shelf products from our mainstream product selection cannot meet your special requirements, we can often modify them, either by size, function or other, to deliver solutions.

Typical Applications for Custom Manufactured Products

  • Robotics and Robot-Assisted Process Enclosures
  • 3D Printing and Stereolithography Enclosures
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Filling and Labeling Enclosures
  • Forensic and Mortuary Science
  • Paint, Chemical, Solvent Processing, Testing and Filling Enclosures
  • Walk-In Chambers

Custom Filtration

Air Science is the source supplier for all pre-filters and carbon filters used in our products and the products of many other manufacturers. We work with you to determine the optimal filter configuration for your application and your facility.

The Multiplex™ Filtration System consists of a pre-filter, main filter (staked configuration available) and an optional safety filter. Multiplexing allows for an exponential number of configurations by combining our filtration options to meet a broader range of filtration needs. Filters can be combined for the of acids, bases and particulates such as biological aerosols when paired with HEPA or ULPA filters.

Air Science also offers Enhanced Filtration Technology™ (EFT) to engineer filter combinations that meet unique applications. The proprietary technology enables Air Science to specially prepare carbon to handle multiple chemical families in one filter. When combined with HEPA/ULPA filters, EFT filters handle biological particulates as well as a wide range of core chemical families and inorganic acids.

Custom Airflow Pattern

Our standard products include vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods as well as other airflow patterns. We can adapt an existing product to meet your airflow pattern needs or design something new.

Custom Sizes

We take the whole unit into consideration when customizing enclosure sizes. Air Science is uniquely suited to not only customize the size and construction materials of your enclosure but also match the filtration, airflow, and regulatory or standards and compliance requirements of the unit. Whether you need something smaller to fit an existing laboratory space or a large unit for a unique application, we can do it all.

From initial design to prototyping, Air Science handles every step of the customization process on-site to provide an end product that meets your needs.

Air Science can adapt any existing standard product or design a unit entirely new to solve your specific concerns. Contact us for a consultation today. Read our Custom Manufacturing Brief for more information or take a look at some of these unique ductless enclosure applications.