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Evidence Storage: Minimize Health and Environmental Risks

Drugkeeper cabinet

The Drugkeeper™ Storage Cabinet is an ideal solution for safe evidence storage, especially when space is limited.

Law Enforcement offices typically store drugs and drug paraphernalia evidence until court cases are adjudicated. Since it can sometimes take years before this happens and a destruction order is issued, available storage space is a significant issue for departments around the nation.

The compact and self-contained design of the Drugkeeper cabinet makes it easy to relocate when additional, safe storage space is needed for the short-term storage of potentially hazardous illegal substances.

Putting Safe Storage First

When it comes to the storage of drug investigation evidence, purpose-built enclosures provide the greatest protection level. Facilities, rooms or cabinets used to store drug investigation evidence must protect against any emissions from stored materials.

Confiscated substances, chemicals, by-products and other related evidence can emit fumes, odors or airborne particulates/pathogens that can put officers and other building occupants at risk. Mold spores and bacteria often found on psychoactive plants, including marijuana, are an often-overlooked risk that can lead to breathing difficulties and illness resulting from even short-term storage.

Drugkeeper cabinets minimize health and environmental risks from chemical vapors and residues, VOCs and other hazardous materials associated with illegal substances, including methamphetamine production.

Ductless technology found in the Drugkeeper captures airborne pathogens, fumes and odors emitted by the contents. Cabinets are available in 3 standard sizes for scalable evidence storage that works for any facility.

Drugkeeper Benefits

  • Uses self-contained ductless technology that does not require outside venting through costly ductwork.
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Activated carbon filters isolate and trap harmful chemical vapors and prevent release into the environment.
  • Optional HEPA filters eliminate exposure to biological particulates, including bacteria and mold spores found on botanicals and powders from narcotics.


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