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Automated Optical Inspection Enclosure

When performing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to test for defects in printed circuit board assemblies, maintaining a contaminant free environment is critical to the quality control, speed, and ultimately the success of the process.

The Air Science® Automated Optical Inspection Enclosure, an LF Series laminar flow cabinet designed to protect the contents and the work zone from particulate contamination, provides the sterile environment needed for AOI applications. Incorporating Purair® vertical laminar flow technology along with innovative Multiplex™ ULPA Filtration, this enclosure delivers a cost-effective, sterile work environment along with the flexible access to the work zone that AOI requires. This workstation offers a taller, deeper workspace since the ULPA filter is mounted above the work surface, while a compact LED cabinet lamp, located away from the laminar flow area, provides stable lighting to aid in the inspection process.

Air Science LF Series laminar flow cabinets are high efficiency units designed to protect the interior contents of the work zone from particulates and other non-hazardous contaminants, delivering air cleanliness that exceeds ISO Class 4 standards, making them ideal workstations for Automated Optical Inspection.

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