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Introducing the DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Downflow Workstation

Personnel and environmental protection are critical to the animal research laboratory. The Air Science® ductless DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Workstation provides superior operator protection while permitting unrestricted operator access and viewing to the work zone. In addition, user-friendly features and innovative Multiplex™ Filtration Technology create a safe work environment over a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for the clinical animal research setting.

While performing anesthesia operations and other procedures in the animal research laboratory, the DWS Animal Procedure & Anesthesia Workstation protects the user and environment from potentially harmful gasses commonly used anesthetize research animals, as well as noxious fumes and odors. Because these units permit unrestricted front and side access, they are ideal for use during animal blood draws and applications necessitating multiple operator involvement.

Building upon years of research and development of products that deliver energy savings, protection and convenience, the Air Science animal research product line provides superior protection at an affordable price. Ductless filtration technology offers a host of benefits and features designed to save money and provide enhanced protection and flexibility to the animal research laboratory.

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