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How To Safely Store Chemicals

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The typical laboratory landscape comes replete with an array of chemicals ranging from mildly to highly toxic. Unfortunately, many laboratories exhibit inappropriate storage of hazardous and toxic chemicals. Improper chemical storage can result in inaccurate laboratory results, danger for lab personnel and environmental hazards.

Guidelines for Chemical Storage

Make sure your laboratory environment is safe and efficient by following these basic guidelines for chemical storage:

  • Keep a comprehensive inventory. Review your chemical inventory at least once a year in order to ensure accurate records. This updated chemical list is vital in the case of emergency when fire personnel must deal with fire and/or toxic accidents.
  • Dispose of hazardous chemicals that are no longer needed. Properly dispose of unused chemicals during your yearly inventory.
  • Label all chemicals clearly. Every chemical must retain proper labeling, including the contents of the container, hazard statement, precautionary statement, and manufacturer information. Missing or damaged labels must be replaced with the proper information.
  • Always store chemicals with a properly sealed lid or top.
  • Segregate incompatible chemicals. It is important that antagonistic substances are not stored together. Dangerous reactions can occur if improper proximity is ignored.
  • Store large containers below shoulder height, particularly if full of liquid. Many accidents happen when retrieving large, heavy containers above shoulder height.
  • Store noxious chemicals in a properly designed chemical storage cabinet. Some chemicals contain hazardous fumes and must be stored respectively. A vented chemical storage cabinet is necessary for protecting the rest of the laboratory environment from these noxious fumes.

Air Science offers a complete line of laboratory equipment designed to achieve optimal safety and efficiency within your laboratory. Our units meet all federal and state safety requirements and regulations.

For the proper storage of laboratory chemicals with noxious fumes, our SafeSTORE™ Vented Chemical Storage Cabinets provide the answer.

Equipped with our patented Multiplex filtration system, upflow airflow, ductless technology and numerous safety features, our SafeSTORE Vented Chemical Storage Cabinets yield safe and efficient storage capabilities for your laboratory.

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