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Asbestos and Microscope Containment Enclosures

Air Science® offers a selection of ductless products that are suitable for laboratory microscopy and asbestos containment procedures.

Ductless Microscope Enclosures

Microscopy procedures often include work with hazardous materials, such as vapor or particulate emissions. Our range of microscope enclosures can be fitted with HEPA or ULPA filtration for particulate protection during applications like asbestos inspection.

Our laminar flow cabinets use unidirectional, HEPA or ULPA filtered airflow for precise, accurate results during procedures that demand a sterile environment.

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Ductless Asbestos Containment Enclosures

Protection from asbestos fibers is vital for laboratory workers. Our selection of ductless, HEPA-filtered products ensures personnel safety in your laboratory during asbestos handling and testing. Air Science HEPA-filtered ductless fume hoods and hazardous material storage cabinets capture and contain asbestos fibers during asbestos identification, analytical work and storage.

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Regardless of the requirements of your laboratory, Air Science products provide the protection you need. Contact us today for a customized quote.