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Quality Carbon Filters Optimize Fume Hood Performance

Carbon Filters Optimize Fume Hood Performance

A ductless fume hood is a self-contained laboratory enclosure that passes contaminated air through filters before returning the air directly to the laboratory. Ductless fume hoods are designed to be installed almost anywhere in a facility and offer a range of benefits that permit research, manufacturing and processing functions to proceed with safety and efficiency. As ductless units, they are not connected to an exhaust system. Therefore, they rely upon activated carbon filters to protect personnel, processes and the laboratory environment from hazardous fumes and vapors that result from chemicals used on the work surface.

Why Quality Carbon Matters Most

The effectiveness of a ductless fume hood depends upon the quality of the activated carbon filters packed into the filter housing. Therefore, it is important to use the proper filter for the class of chemicals used in the application. For assistance in determining product compatibility for your chemical application, please complete the Air Science SEFA compatibility form.

Activated carbon granules serve as the primary line of defense against vapors emitted from the work surface. Exposure to hazardous fumes can pose significant health risks to laboratory personnel even at relatively low volumes over time. However, it is necessary to understand that not all carbon filters are equal. Carbon filter selection based upon price alone can pose a danger to lab personnel and the environment. Knowing what to look for when choosing a replacement carbon filter is critical to laboratory safety. High-quality activated carbon filters used in ductless enclosures are formulated to protect against specific chemical hazards and remain effective within your application’s threshold limit value (TLV).

How to Find Quality Carbon Filters

Ductless fume hood manufacturers define the replacement activated carbon filter specifications necessary to ensure the safe operation of the ductless enclosure. However, regardless of the manufacturer, your ductless enclosure includes filter requirements essential for safe operation. While cheap replacement filters may seem like a good idea due to the cost savings involved, low-quality replacement filters, including aftermarket, homemade or do-it-yourself carbon filters, can be dangerous. Therefore, replacement filters should be acquired only from reputable manufacturers. Air Science manufactures high-quality activated carbon filters through Filtco Filters, a producer of replacement carbon filters that meet the size specifications of more than 25 major ductless enclosure manufacturers worldwide.

Air Science® Ductless Fume Hoods

Air Science ductless fume hoods are used worldwide. Air Science manufactures a complete series of high-efficiency ductless fume hoods, ductless workstations, laboratory filtration products and custom enclosures designed to protect the user, the process and the environment from hazardous vapors, fume and particulates. These hoods provide cost-effective containment and protection solutions essential to good chemistry, personnel safety and environmental protection.

Purair® Basic

Purair Basic ductless fume hoods are designed to provide high level performance features at an affordable price.

  • High efficiency EC blower
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Filter blockage alarm
  • Protects the operator from fume and (with added HEPA/ULPA filter) particle hazards.
  • A unique filter clamping design eliminates bypass leakage outside the cabinet.

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