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Police Department Uses UV-Box™ for COVID-19 Decontamination

UV box uv decontamination chamberThe West Allis Police Department in Wisconsin has successfully deployed the Air Science® UV-Box for COVID-19 decontamination of the N-95 masks used by their officers. The ease of use of the unit enables trained officers to effectively decontaminate their own PPE after each call. Read about West Allis Police Department use of the UV-Box for COVID-19 decontamination.

Engineered for simplicity and ease of use, the UV-Box is a high-efficiency chamber designed to create light emission conditions known to safely decontaminate contents while providing a safe work environment for the operator. Ultraviolet light is proven to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA necessary for cellular functions.

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, UV germicidal lamps are being used to aid in disinfection of air, surfaces and equipment to help reduce and control the spread of the virus.

Learn more about UV sterilization in our whitepaper, Using UV Light to Eliminate DNA Cross-Contamination.

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