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Air Science Technologies, Ltd. Introduces Filter Disposal Service in UK

Fume Hood Filter Disposal
Air Science Technologies Ltd. has introduced a new service for the safe disposal of used activated carbon filters. Through the Air Science® Secur™ Safe Disposal Service, customers in the United Kingdom can responsibly dispose of saturated filters during their annual service visit.
As a certified waste carrier in accordance with the 2011 Waste Regulations of England and Wales, Air Science Technologies Ltd. removes used filters for proper processing at authorized treatment facility Violia UK. All filters are securely incinerated and recycled into a sustainable energy source for an environmentally responsible waste removal solution that helps lower the carbon footprint of participating facilities.
The new service can be added as a separate line item to annual service quotes or included in the cost of replacement filters ordered through Filtco Filters. Filtco remains the market’s most affordable source of replacement filters for all major manufacturers even with the Secur Safe Disposal Service.  
Learn more about the UK Secur Safe Disposal Service.

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