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Made in America: By the New America

More Than the Numbers, The Narrative of a Life

Air Science facilityIn a world where manufacturing facilities reside just around the corner from quaint neighborhoods and the whirr of machinery, delivery trucks and general production become a familiar memory of growing up, it may be uncommon to stop and consider the point of conception for such activity and production.

The topic of a manufacturing company’s inception likely never even crosses the mind of the general masses. In fact, the subconscious may relegate these businesses to a faceless, immovable factor of today’s economy – something that’s always been there and always will. However, as with all businesses, the beginning of a company flows from the narrative of a life.
For Air Science, that life was Andy Chambre. Beginning his career as an industrial engineer, Andy foraged through a variety of difficult challenges to build the quality company we know today as Air Science, LLC.
From skeptical industry leaders to poor-quality suppliers, Andy spent years navigating the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship amidst tough economic times, new locations and continued growth challenges.  
A stalwart American-made company, Air Science continues to forge ahead through any challenge they may face. Their resiliency and resourcefulness were exhibited most recently through the danger and challenges presented during Hurricane Irma.
And while staff at Air Science currently works double shifts to recover the time lost during the evacuation, the narrative of this American company, dedicated to safety, service and quality, continues to spin a tail of the true American spirit – hard work, ingenuity, grit and determination.
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