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How Often Should a Ductless Fume Hood Filter be Replaced?

ductless fume hood filter

Having a routine filter replacement schedule is an important first step for proper equipment maintenance. Most ductless fume hood filter replacement schedules follow intervals of between 6 and 24 months.

Regular filter replacement is essential to prevent oversaturation of the filters. Activated carbon filters that become oversaturated are no longer able to protect personnel from harmful fumes or gasses generated on the work surface. Even low levels of hazardous materials that escape old, expended filters pose a significant risk. HEPA/ULPA filters should similarly be replaced regularly to ensure continued capture of particulates.

In addition to a regular filter replacement schedule, it is also important to ensure airflow through your fume hood has the proper distribution through the activated carbon filter. This helps ensure the filter’s surface is utilized completely and uniformly as uneven filter loading can cause problems. Filters that are unevenly loaded may be oversaturated in spots and have a minimized ability to capture fumes or particulates.

Find the Right Ductless Fume Hood Filter and Replacement Schedule

To ensure safe operation and properly maintain your ductless fume hood, you must start with the best filter for your chemical handling needs. Finding the right fume hood replacement schedule starts with checking your chemical handling and compliance with the requirements of current safety standards routinely. To help you find the right filter for your applications, Air Science® has developed the SEFA Chemical Compatibility Form.

Air Science offers easy online ordering for your ductless fume hood filters and consumables through our E-commerce sites, and Filtco Filters specializes in high-performance, competitively priced replacement activated carbon filters and HEPA/ULPA filters. Filtco replacement filters are produced in our ISO 9001-compliant manufacturing facility. Our replacement filters are sized to fit most major brands of ductless fume hoods.

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