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Ductless Robotic Enclosures

Robotic enclosures are used to maintain a high level of facility throughput while minimizing contamination, providing a clean and safe automated environment while maximizing efficiency. Such enclosures deliver contaminant-free air, protecting nearby personnel and the environment from aerosols and harmful chemicals. Additionally, robotic enclosures help prevent injuries to personnel that can result from the movement of robotic equipment. A robotic enclosure can likewise protect the robot from potential damage caused by other equipment in the vicinity.

Using proven Multiplex™ Filtration Technology, the Air Science® Ductless Robotic Enclosure is an ideal choice for optimal protection during automation processes. Customizable to address individual facility requirements, each unit is engineered to maximize operator safety and process accessibility. Working closely with you, we can guide you to the best options for your application by determining a configuration and system that suits your needs, including custom sizing, construction materials, door/opening types, airflow patterns, filtration and accessories to accommodate your robot apparatus.

Air Science customized Robotic Enclosures deliver the necessary safety and protection required for robotic systems. From high-volume sample management and high-throughput screening to clinical research and liquid handling, our customizable units provide superior operator protection while offering user-friendly features and innovative filtration technology.

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