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Creating and Protecting Your Perfect Brew

Air Science® laminar flow hoods, ductless fume hoods and custom enclosures are the perfect tool for craft brewers of any size. Fume hoods help ensure the purity of ingredients, protect valuable yeast culture strains and filter potentially irritating vapors caused by the brewing process.
Even household or commercial kitchen fume hoods are unable to handle the ventilation of heavy wort odors and gasses, particularly those caused when making larger batches of beer. Air Science fume hoods offer unparalleled ventilation for the serious brewer as they also protect your beer from particulate contamination that can seriously alter taste.
Our craft beverage products give you more control over the brewing process.
Craft Brewers Laboratory Equipment
Laminar Flow Hoods
Prevent Particulates. Laminar flow hoods work best when used to protect your raw ingredients and yeast cultures. A laminar flow hood ensures airflow is directed away from your sample so dust and other particulates are removed. This helps maintain consistency of samples for the propagation of yeast cultures in your unique brew.
Ductless Fume Hoods
Filter Vapors. Ductless fume hoods offer added filtration to vent odors, gasses and other low level harmful substances. A ductless fume hood with carbon filtration increases your safety standards, while improving quality assurances of consistent taste for your finished beer.
Custom Enclosure Series
Craft your hood. We will work with you to build the enclosure that fits your brewing needs. Need something that lets in a lot of light, filters out gasses and odors, but doesn't have a lot of extra features? We can do that. Air Science custom enclosures can meet any space or protection needs for your brewery. Our custom enclosures improve quality analysis and quality control during your microbiological analysis and yeast propagation.
Learn more about the best Air Science products for your needs on our Brewery Science page or download our Craft Brew brochure.


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