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Air Science Launches a New, More User-Friendly Website

Intuitive and Informative Redesign
Air Science recently redesigned our website to best serve you, our customers. We know that today’s researchers and scientific professionals are always connected, often viewing our site on not just a desktop or laptop, but on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The new site provides a simple, user-centric interface that is search engine optimized and mobile device-ready. This means that the new site can be easily navigated from anywhere on any device and incorporates a responsive design with an exceptionally high pixel per inch rating.
Our site includes not only a more responsive front-end layout, but a searchable product database that categorizes products by industry, application, product type, brand and a number of physical specifications. The database allows products to easily be separated according to not only the industry or application for which they serve, but also other equally important categorizations such as standards and compliance, controls, and filtration specifications. This high level separation allows users to quickly and accurately identify the exact model that is right for their situation.
At Air Science we know our customers are what matter most. Your work, the innovations you develop, shape what tomorrow will look like on a global scale. We hope by making our products and product specifications easily accessible and readily searchable, that we can more effectively meet your filtration and containment needs. 
Take some time to check out the new features of our site. Visit the online database to learn more about our products or contact us today for a customized quote based on your application.