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Air Science Helps Create a Better C-PEC

The Air Science Purair product line offers a host of products that can help customers in the pharmaceutical industry meet stringent compliance requirements. The Purair RX, Purair Basic, and Purair BIO all are ductless cabinets that can serve as effective C-PECs in USP 800 compliant environments.

“We design products to provide protection in a variety of environments,” said Paul Chambre, Air Science CEO. “The Purair RX and Purair Basic can be configured to meet USP 800 for non-sterile compounding procedures for hazardous drugs, while the Purair BIO can be configured to meet sterile compounding procedures for hazardous drugs in some cases.”

The provisions in USP 800 apply to all healthcare personnel who handle hazardous drug preparations, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, and physicians.  Containment primary engineering controls (C-PECs) are controls outlined by USP 800 to be used with hazardous drugs in healthcare and pharmaceutical settings.

Air Science Products: Purair RX, Purair Basic and Purair BIO

Purair RX

The Purair RX Hood is a Class I enclosure that protects the operator from powder and particle hazards encountered during non-sterile compounding.

Purair Basic

The Purair Basic fume hood can meet non-sterile compounding requirements as outlined by USP 800 if equipped with redundant HEPA filtration.

Purair BIO

The Purair BIO is a Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet that can be configured to meet USP 800 requirements for sterile compounding needs.

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