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Units Adhere to Laboratory Safety Standards and Certifications

Air Science Manufacturing Safety

Safety Certifications are More than Just a ‘Badge’

To Air Science, safety holds no room for error. The only ‘errors’ your lab should experience are those that are simply scientific realizations leading you one step closer to the discovery sought.

With units crafted to maintain optimal safety during the manufacturing process, during hard and heavy usage and even during unforeseen destruction, your laboratory safety concerns can be laid to rest.

Laboratory Fume Hoods Safety

We have always shared important information about our units and certifications with our customers and partners. We want you to be able to easily locate information that is pertinent to your safety. In fact, a concise list of our industry certifications can be seen by following the link provided.

However, sometimes a list of government codes can seem impersonal. Let us quickly decipher what these standards and codes mean for you:

Safety in the Entire Development Process

We have received certification, not only on the actual physical units we deploy, but also on the entire development process, from design to manufacturing to sales and installation of our laboratory fume hoods and related products. Related certifications:

  • Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001 – Certificate No CQR-1582 A
  • Product Design – ANSI Z 9.5-2003, ANSI Z 9.7-1998
  • Electrical Safety – UL-C-61010-1, CE Mark, ROHS Exempt under EEE Category 9 Regulations designed to keep hazardous substances used in electrical equipment from entering the production process.

Safety in Filters Used

A foundational issue for all lab safety, the correct filter choice and usage is paramount to properly working units and optimal user safety. Air Science complies with all chemical containment standards through various filter certifications as well as proper chemical and filter pairing. Different filters are necessary for different chemical compounds. It’s imperative that your unit utilizes the correct one. Related certifications:

  • Chemical Fume Containment – ANSI/ASHRAE 110 1995, SAFEBRIDGE Performance Verification
  • Carbon Filter Efficiency – BS 7989-2001, AFNOR NFX 15-211
  • Biological Safety Filter Efficiency HEPA and ULPA – IEST-RP-CC-0034.2, IEST-RP-CC007.1, IEST-RP-CC001-4, EN 1822

Safety in Use and the Environment

Many of these certifications overlap in relevancy. But too important not to mention individually are the certifications and standards that deal directly with workplace safety and environmental protection. From complying with OSHA standards and being an Energy Star Partner, we make sure our units are protecting both users and the environment. Related certifications or standards:

  • OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA Standard -29 CRF, Safety and Health Regulations for General Industry, 1910.1450
  • Environment – ISO 14001 – Certificate No CQR-1582 B, Energy Star Partner
  • Education – UK Design Note 29 and Building Bulletin 88

Other Safety Features

  • Fire Safety – Unfortunately, in an industry dealing with dangerous chemicals on a daily basis, there always exists the possibility of flammable accidents. Thankfully, Air Science Purair Advanced ductless fume hoods not only provide a high level of operator protection in the event of a fire, but with certain precautions also offer fire suppression capabilities to minimize damage. Find out more about our laboratory units with fire protection.
  • Safety across disciplines – Because our units so stringently adhere to safety regulations, their uses are diverse. Postal workers and law enforcement personnel have recently been faced with a rise in the use of narcotics and have turned to our ductless fume hoods for operator safety.