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Air Science Protects You, Your Work and the Environment

We specialize in high efficiency filtration products designed to protect you and the workplace from environmental hazards.

  • Our Multiplex™ Filtration Technology is at the heart of our ductless fume hood product line and permits one or several filtration options to be combined to meet a wider range of multiple-use applications.
  • Enhanced Filtration Technology (EFT™) is our universal filtration process developed for use over the widest range of chemical families. Among these are organic acids, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, halogens and inorganic acids.
  • Our SafeSwitch™ filter shutter system used in many of our fume hoods permits filter face closure to minimize exposure to contaminants during filter replacement.

Learn more about Air Science engineered improvements designed for health and safety in the workplace. For details contact us today.