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Air Science Introduces New Forensic Evidence Processing Products

(Fort Myers, FL, December 15, 2010) Air Science, Ft. Myers, FL today added two new products to their suite of forensic evidence processing systems developed for law enforcement and criminal investigation facilities worldwide.

UV-Box with UVC Radiation

The UV-Box™ is a benchtop chamber designed for safe decontamination of evidence and to assure operator safety.

  • High-efficiency UV lamps are positioned within the cabinet to produce short wavelength UV light at 254nm to destroy exposed surface DNA and bacteria, leaving evidence free of contamination prior to subsequent forensic procedures.
  • Operator safety is assured by a UV absorbing door window and other safety interlock features that require the door to be closed before operation.
  • Utility features include a UV timer, hanging rod and interior shelf to arrange evidence for best exposure.
  • The UV-Box™ is available in two sizes with interiors of 15” x 15” x 15” (381mm) or 24” x 24” x 30” (610 x 762mm).
  • All interior surfaces are finished for easy cleaning, and a keyed door lock offers added security.

Evidence Bench

The Air Science Evidence Bench is a lateral table designed for high-volume processing of forensic evidence by multiple users.

  • Evidence BenchThe table is constructed of professional-grade steel frame with a chemical resistant epoxy resin top and lockable casters for mobility from lab to lab. 
  • An integrated kraft paper dispenser and lockable storage compartments offer convenience and security.
  • An open shelf transverse to the framework provides additional storage space.  
  • An optional Airflow Pod permits safe and efficient evidence processing involving powers, chemicals or compounds that create offensive odors.  
  • The Airflow Pod pulls air down from the work surface through a perforated stainless steel grill and passes it through an easy-change, integrated carbon filter based on the Air Science Multiplex™ Filtration technology to capture hazardous vapors or powders. 
  • Additional options include a magnifying lamp, power outlet strip, water system with faucet and cup sink, and a 100% stainless steel surface. 
  • For fixed positions optional leveling feet can be ordered in place of the locking casters. 

Air Science is an industry leader in the development of ductless fume hoods and other filtered enclosures used in general laboratory, forensic and industrial applications.