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Purair LF Series, Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

  • Purair Laminar Flow Hoods are available in vertical and horizontal configurations with various sizes and options for a total of 36 models to choose from in 6 different widths. 
  • Purair Laminar Flow Hoods are shipped fully assembled. No installation is required; just plug them in and use them.
  • Products are designed for desktop use, or may be installed on an optional mobile base stand.
  • The rear wall of vertical flow cabinets is perforated to reduce work surface turbulence by removing some of the airflow to the rear.
  • High capacity air handling system delivers flow velocity of 0.4 m/s or 80 fpm.
  • Choose from standard powder coated interior or stainless steel interior (-SS models).
  • Purair VLF and HLF hoods have an ULPA filter pressure gauge to measure filter performance.
  • The Air Science filters are easy to access, easy to change.
  • Accessories include an IV bar, service fixtures, base stand, UV lamp, and front door/cover.
  • Provides sterile work zone for aeseptic techniques. 
  • Air cleanliness meets and exceeds ISO Class 4. 
  • All models use ULPA filters (99.999% efficient at particle sizes between 0.1 and 0.3 microns.
  • All models equipped with a stainless steel work surface. 


Air Science Purair Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets are a series of high-efficiency products designed to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates, for applications sensitive to such contamination.

Model Specifications

Internal Height: 22.8″  |  579 mm
External Width: 25.25″  |  641 mm
External Depth: 29.5″  |  749 mm
External Height: 42.9″  |  1091 mm
Shipping Width: 40″  |  1016 mm
Shipping Depth: 44″  |  1118 mm
Net Weight: 170 lbs  |  77 kg
Shipping Weight: 280 lbs  |  127 kg

Cabinet Style: Standard
Construction: Epoxy-coated Steel

OSHA: OSHA Standard -29 CFR, Safety and Health Regulations for General Industry, 1910.1450: Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories. Part B, definition, laboratory type hood. Please consult your Safety Officer and/or Industrial Hygienist.
Environmental: ISO 14001: 2015 ; ENERGY STAR® Partner
Quality: ISO 9001 : 2015

Base Stand, Mobile, Motorized: CART-HLF-BM-24
Base Stand, Mobile, with Casters: CART-HLF-BW-24
Base Stand, Mobile, with Leveling Feet: CART-HLF-BL-24
IV Bar and "S" Hooks: IV-HLF-24
Ionization Bar: ION-24
Removable Front Cover: FCOVER-HLF-24
Service Fixtures: SF-WALL
Static Dissipative Work Surface: TRAY-HLF-24-SDW
UV lamp with Night Door/Cover*: UV-24
* Factory installed; specify when ordering

Airflow: Horizontal

Electrical Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
NEMA Plug: 5-15P

Technical Info

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