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Air Science Purair® PCR Workstation

Protect Your Work During PCR Amplification

According to CDC recommendations, thermocyclers or PCR machines should be operated in a PCR laminar flow hood.(1) PCR laminar flow hoods or workstations help prevent cross-contamination that adversely affects samples. While PCR hoods protect the sample from contamination, they are intended for use with non-hazardous applications where biological or biohazard byproducts are not generated, and user protection is not required.

(1) The CDC recommends conducting work in an unventilated, still-air PCR hood (biocontainment cabinet) to minimize cross-contamination in sensitive PCR applications.

Purair PCR Laminar Flow Workstation

Air Science® Purair PCR workstation enclosures provide a safe, energy-efficient, contamination-free environment during PCR amplification. The Purair PCR workstation is designed to provide flexible access to thermocyclers on the work surface. The unvented unit uses Air Science Multiplex™ HEPA filtration technology which consists of a pre-filter and HEPA filter. 

Air Science Purair PCR workstations are designed for versatility. They can be installed directly on the desktop or on the optional mobile cart and are available in three models with various options.

PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet Models

pcr workstation

Purair PCR Laminar Flow Cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our frequently asked questions and links to additional helpful information.

You can shop for standard Air Science PCR Workstations online at For customization inquiries, complete our quote request form.

Our PCR Laminar Flow Cabinets (PCR Workstations) are typically provided with all required filters pre-installed.

High-quality replacement HEPA and ULPA filters as well as other consumables can be purchased online from

Yes, but with more protection. PCR processes (polymerase chain reaction) are focused on DNA preparation from small samples that are available for analysis from crime scenes, research and other applications. The PCR Cabinet is designed to provide a sterile work surface for use with PCR instruments with ISO Class 5 air created by passing ambient air through HEPA or ULPA filters. The addition of germicidal UV lamps and moderate front opening sash protection helps create an interior performance envelope that protects samples from both cross-contamination inside the cabinet as well as contamination from outside.

PCR Laminar Flow Resources

Our PCR laminar flow hood provides a safe, energy-efficient, contamination-free environment during PCR amplification with thermocyclers or PCR machines.

Air Science Purair® PCR Workstation