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UV Light Box Decontamination Chambers

UV light box uv decontamination chamber

UV-Box is a high-efficiency chamber designed to create light emission conditions known to safely decontaminate contents while providing for a safe work environment for the operator. High intensity UV lamps destroy exposed surface DNA and bacteria.


UV Decontamination Chamber Features & Benefits

  • Eight 254 nm UV lamps surrounding the grated loading tray create light emission conditions known to destroy exposed viruses and bacteria on items placed within the chamber.
  • Microprocessor control with color viewscreen provides programming capabilities, status and safety functions. 
  • A tray interlock interrupts operation in the event of an accidental opening. 
  • Both HEPA and activated carbon filters capture pathogens and vapors emitted as a byproduct of decontamination, protecting the user and the environment. 

Product Features:

UV-box decontamination cabinet featuresA. Easy slide stainless steel drawer with tray. 
B. Perforated tray for maximum exposure of contents to UV light. 
C. UV light box chamber with light-tight door. 
D. Natural airflow inlet is strategically located to keep each UV bulb cool. 
E. Negative airflow system with HEPA and carbon filters scrubs exhaust air of vapors and particulates and cools each UV bulb to extend bulb life.
F. Air from the UV light box is drawn through a HEPA filter exhaust for operator protection.
G. UV timer allows user to set specific decontamination time and cycle.

Featured UV Light Box Models

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Fighting COVID-19 with UV Light
UV light is one of the proven ways to destroy DNA and RNA characteristic of all life forms. While we wait for a vaccine, Air Science experience in UV technology offers additional opportunities for clinicians and researchers to mitigate contamination.

Can UV Light Work for Your Application?
For many years, the Air Science® UV-Box™ Benchtop Decontamination Chamber has been widely used in applications related to forensic evidence processing where latent DNA elimination is critical.



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