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Total Exhaust

Air Science® TotalExhaust™ fume hoods are designed to provide superior personnel protection from exposure to hazardous agents and toxic chemicals in a variety of applications. Total Exhaust fume hoods use horizontal and vertical airflow across the work surface to ensure optimal containment.
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Total Exhaust Features

Corrosion-resistant, single-wall units are available in a number of standard and custom sizes with optional polypropylene exhaust blowers to augment external ventilation systems.

  • White, black or blue all-polypropylene work surface.
  • Units available with up to four exhaust connection points.
  • Vapor-proof, ballasted fluorescent lighting with switch and power cord. 
  • Integrated rear baffle system optimizes airflow and improves containment.
  • Acrylic, bi-fold front sash to ensure operator safety and comfort.
  • Two cable pass through ports provide convenient workspace configuration options.
  • Air Velometer provides continuous airflow monitoring.

Select our total exhaust fume hood line above to learn more, or contact us today for a customized quote based on your application.

Total Exhaust Fume Hoods
Total Exhaust Fume Hoods
Total Exhaust fume hoods use horizontal and vertical airflow across the work surface to provide personnel protection from hazardous agents and toxic chemicals. These hoods are connected to the facility exhaust system.


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