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Is Your Ductless Fume Hood Delivering Maximum Protection?

We Can Help You Choose the Best Filtration Options for Your Work

Filter Configuration for Your Lab WorkChoosing the optimum filter configuration for your laboratory work is critical to achieving maximum performance from your ductless fume hood, and in turn, maximum protection for personnel and the environment. With the options available on the market today, how can you be sure that your filtration selection delivers the best protection available for your laboratory and your work?
Air Science® can help. We offer innovative and versatile technology to protect against a wide range of chemicals, VOCs and particulates, as well as combinations of chemical families, providing optimized personnel and environmental protection. Carbon filtration protects from fumes and VOCs from multiple chemical families, while the inclusion of HEPA/ULPA filtration adds particulate protection.
The Air Science Multiplex™ Filtration System, consisting of a pre-filter, main filter and optional safety filter creates a filter combination customizable to each laboratory application. The Multiplex System permits filtration options to be combined to meet a broader range of multiple-use applications. Multiplexing permits configuration for the capture of acids, bases and particulates such as biological aerosols when paired with HEPA or ULPA filters.
Multiplex Filtration, coupled with Enhanced Filtration Technology™ (EFT), permits single, blended or stacked filter configurations to be joined to provide high-level protection from multiple fume hazards. Air Science EFT incorporates combinations of different carbon types in one filter, thereby allowing for filtration of multiple chemical families in a single filter. Added HEPA/ULPA filtration protects from particulate hazards. Our proprietary technology enables us to engineer filter combinations to meet unique applications, keeping personnel safe from a wide range of harmful substances generated on the work surface. Our innovative approach to filtration offers the most flexible and versatile solution for laboratory protection available.
Air Science Purair® Advanced Series ductless fume hoods protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. Featuring the Multiplex Filtration System and EFT with flexible filter configurations, these fume hoods offer a wide range of options for high-performance protection during demanding laboratory applications.
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