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Mobile Forensic Evidence Benches

Forensic Evidence Bench

The Evidence-Bench™ series of laboratory work tables are designed specifically for high volume processing of forensic evidence by multiple users.

Professional design and construction features offer convenience during use, cleaning, and maintenance. 

Evidence Bench Features & Benefits

  • Kraft paper dispenser
  • Evidence Bench mobil fornsic processing stationLockable storage compartments to secure tools
  • Open storage shelf
  • Wheels allowing the bench to be moved throughout the building wherever processing needs to take place.
  • Optional airflow pod

Airflow Pod

The optional drop-in Airflow Pod permits efficient processing of evidence when using powders and/or chemicals.
  • Based on the Air Science Multiplex Filtration technology, the airflow pod is a high efficiency containment system that protects the user and the environment from hazardous vapors or powders generated at the stainless steel work surface with downflow air movement.
  • Unrestricted front and side access facilitates applications requiring complex and intensive involvement.
  • The airflow pod eliminates putrid odors that may be emitted from the evidence being processed.
forensic evidence bench features

Product Features:

A. Epoxy resin work top chemical resistant
B. Evidence kraft paper dispenser
C. Heavy duty frame
D. Locking wheels, heavy duty, non-marking
E. Lower open shelf for storage
F. Two locking supply compartments
G. Open access from multiple sides
H. Optional Airflow Pod filtration shown; see Accessories
I. Optional 16 outlet power strip shown; see Accessories
J. Optional magnifying lamp shown; see Accessories


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